Sunday, 7 March 2010

Bill's Big Day

Just had to write a quick post about Bill's first day as a big boy, being allowed out into the garden and beyond. Off he trotted as confident as you like and he had a grand day, wore himself out. At eight months old, and two months with me it was time to let him out but it's always a sticky moment when they go over the garden wall, will they come back?
Here he is, getting tips no doubt from Mickey, my old boy. It was good to get a sunny day for a change and get out into my little garden. Signs of the coming of spring were everywhere, at last!

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  1. I have just done the same with my little 7 month old kitten Charlie. Its so nerveracking!!!! But its so lovely to see him sitting at the top of the steps each time I go to check on him which is still a million times a day! He may be a 3 legged kitten but he is as active as a 4 legged version!!!!


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