Sunday, 7 March 2010

New ATCs

Finished this one a few weeks ago for a swap on Willowing, with the theme Africa, using an old atlas page, stamp and collaged postcards.

Today finished off a 'sister'card, making it look smoke damaged with distress ink.

Also been working on a set of book marks for a swap on Milliande but got to keep them under wraps as well as a set of Birthyear ATCs that are off in the post tomorrow for another swap. Had a very enjoyable day, tinkering around with them. The big question I have to ponder now is - to tassle or not to tassle, book marks that is. Anybody have any thoughts on the matter? For myself I don't have tassles because my cats take them as toys and end up dragging them out of my books and losing me my page but I do like to see tassles. Then do I tassle at the top or the bottom, decisions, decisions.....

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