Saturday, 16 February 2013

Visit to Salts Mill, Bradford

 I went off on a jaunt to Salts Mill in Saltaire, Bradford with some friends yesterday and after a wrong turn or two we arrived in glorious sunshine (such a contrast to two days ago when it was snowing).  Salts Mill was built by Titus Salt in the 1853 to spin his alpaca and russian wools.  He built the whole village around it for the workers, including a church and a school, in response to the appalling living conditions in nearby Bradford.

 I can never go very far without finding a cat

 and another,
 and another.  I'm wondering if T. Milnes made lions for gravestones as well, I'll have to do some research, as these lions remind me of one in Highgate Cemetery.

 The streets are narrow and cobbled still.
 The chimneys are massive.
 The church like a spectacular cake!

 The mill building is now divided into galleries with art materials, a book shop to die for (I could have spent all day and all my money in there), antiques emporiums and yummy restaurants.

 Even the toilets have been left with the industrial tiles and feel.

 There is a designer homeware shop with displays of vintage pottery, some by one of my friends.

 And they had a display of Totem by Portmerion, one of my all time favourite ranges.

 Around the mill are lovely shops including vintage, which is where I spotted this lovely bit of embroidery

and a gallery showing these super quirky art dolls by Ann Davies, an artist living and working in Saltaire.

Just to prove it was snowing earlier this week, some snowdrops out at Newtown Linford, so pretty with their little blanket of snow.


  1. Oops, nearly missed this! What a great day out and with all your favourite things. Wonder why those chimneys were super-high-would the effluence from the mills be toxic?Don't be such a stranger, we miss you!

  2. What a fantastic day out! So much to see (and buy ;-)) Love those dolls....

  3. Loved to read about your visit to Saltaire. Wonderful things to see. Did you buy the embroidered fabric? The bookshop looks like haven to me (being a librairian makes it difficult to pass one by).
    Looking forward to the result of your quiltlets.


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