Sunday, 5 June 2011

Typical Sunday Afternoon

Archie is adorning the shower mat, sprawled out on his back.....

Mickey is curled up asleep on his favourite comfy chair in the dining room....

Billyboy is asleep on the bed, clutching is tail, ahhhh.....

I'm tinkering around with paint, paper and my sewing machine.....

And Merlin has taken the veil, stretched out on the studio window behind the voile curtain. All in all a lazy, laid back, Sunday afternoon x


  1. I do so miss having cats around but with the Big Black lab it would be chaos.Your cats always look so contented.

  2. oh I love seeing all your kitties! You are blessed to have four. We have a tuxedo (black/white) and a calico...they are such interesting creatures. Looks like your cats enjoyed their Sunday! :)

  3. A purrrrfect day! (sorry, i had to say it!)

  4. Man, I wish my hubbub weren't allergic to cats. I love them! I would be entertained 24/7!
    Hugs and blessings


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