Sunday, 12 June 2011

Things to Do on Wet Sunday

I've enrolled on Alisa Burke's Watercolour Bliss course on line. For a long while now I've enjoyed seeing snippets of her sketchbooks, with lovely bright vibrant watercolours and intricate patterns.

My watercolours hadn't properly seen the light of day since my university days and even then I was never really comfortable with them. I know there are techniques to using them to be learnt, I'd taken an eight week class many, many years ago and was introduced to some of them but had been unable to continue the class when the tutor moved to teaching in the day and I was at work.

Alot of my tubes were dryed up but I've been doing my homework with what I've got, Alisa Burke's philosopy is not going out and buying lots of expensive paint and brushes (be still my beating bank balance) but using what you've already got and even using childrens paints. I was convinced I only had drab 'landscape' colours but I was really surprised to find that across my tubes and pans I have some really rather pretty colours and so far all I've done is put a daub of colour on paper and haven't mixed colours yet.

I'll occasionally use watercolours when journalling but I'm more likely to use acrylics at the moment. It'll be good to work through some exercises and techniques with watercolours as I'm the kind of person who like to know the rules before going ahead and breaking them.

Another reason for doing the course was the fact that I found on a recent Still Life art day that I really couldn't use them to show simple shading very well. This drawing of a small brass unicorn really highlighted the fact. So for the next few weeks I hope to be a good student and study hard and pick up some tips along the way, there's another 4 weeks to go and then the lessons are there after that so I can access them when I have time.

Talking of time, things to do today include
  • Bluebird ATCs for a swap on Milliande
  • Ocean ATCs for a swap on Roses on the Table
  • Fathers Day card
  • Niece's Sixth Birthday card
So I'd better get my skates on. Have a great Sunday!


  1. I love watercolour paintings...
    Good luck with your course

  2. I love watercolours too. William Russell Flint is my favourite artist for them. Can`t wait to see how you get on....Go Shaz!x


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