Sunday, 6 March 2011

Catching Up Sunday

I've actually managed to get some work done in the garden today so out came my bright and cheerful gardening bag, with all my little bits and pieces. I was going to do a before shot of the garden but it was just too depressing. It looks like I've lost both of my big palms in the icy weather and the one I could reach the top off now looks very forlorn, denuded of all it's leaves, it's now a very strange and tall stump. The other one is way too tall for me to reach so going to have to let the leaves fall naturally over time but that looks very sorry for itself. All over the city, every palm I see has been lost, oh well, I can use it to grow climbers up I suppose.

The ladybirds were out in force with the sunshine, although still looking as if they are huddling together for warmth because it is still very cold. I found my maximum/minimum thermometer on the ground, it had reached -5 at some point out there in my sheltered little garden, brrrrrr...

I was coming across my old pots, hiding in the undergrowth, all okay as I'd fired them to stoneware :)

My youngsters were keeping me company for the most part, (Mickey the old boy decided it was just not quite warm enough yet to venture out and was kipping away the day inside). This shot reminded me that I'd like a water feature of some sort out here, not just two trugs full of rainwater, lol.

Merlin just couldn't resist striking his 'Magnificent' pose just for the camera :)

More work planned for the rest of the week out there as got the week off!!!!! Ah, bliss......


  1. We seem to have lost a few plants here as well including a palm and my pots of house leeks .

  2. Good to be able to read your blog again ,quite missed reading it. My garden seems not to have suffered too much thank-goodness. I was worried about two very fragile Peonies that flowered for the first time last year,but they have just begun to come through.

  3. Hi Shaz, great to `see` you again! Your garden sounds like mine - a lot of work still to do!But I`m not such a lucky duck as you and have to work this week!How inconvenient!Have a great week off anyway. x

  4. Sharon love your blog!
    Merlin is such a photogenic boy, but Jacob wants to know where Bill is?
    My garden has suffered with the cold weather to and many plants are going to struggle to come thru. My ladybirds still not re-appeared as as you know Markfield has its own micro climate.
    Enjoy your week off.

  5. Hi Sharon, your enthusiasm is contagious, I went into the undergrowth yesterday but still lots to do! I love your blue bench, that the blue im looking for to paint my kitchen cupboards! loving majestic Merlin, Loving your blog
    Deb x


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