Monday, 20 December 2010

New Journal

I've had the chesty lurgy since my last post but glad to say I'm only coughing a bit now, it was a nasty one. Since feeling more human I've had a chance to make my first Remains of the Day journal and I throughly enjoyed it. It's such a freeing method of construction and ideal for me as I collect lots and lots of different papers. I can now try to reduce my stash, he, he.

I've really enjoyed putting different papers together, from books, to calendars, to vinage knitting patterns to diary pages.

From vintage ledger papers, to doillies, to shade cards to advertising junk mail.

All under the watchful eye of Merlin, meow :) I now have to give it away to a friend for Christmas but I'll make myself another one, or two, or three in the New Year!


  1. That journal`s fab Shaz - lucky friend!Will you be making any to sell..nudge nudge! Sorry about your chest infection - they`re nasty aren`t they? - glad you`re on the mend now though.
    Merlin does indeed look like a magical and wise cat!

  2. Shaz, I am also known as Shaz! I love your journal - very similar to ones I also construct.
    Such a battle finding different papers though!
    Yours looks lovely - is it suitable for journalling into or just for drooling over!!!?


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