Sunday, 5 December 2010

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Went off to Birmingham this week, to visit the German market. It was a freezing cold day, little snow flurries all day but the trains didn't let us down. Both there and back the trains were on time and we all got a seat, not something that happens normally. I just loved this stand, all red and lit up, with santas and angels going round at the top.

We climbed up and had a mug of mulled wine, whilst stamping our feet and soaking up the atmosphere.
I just loved this stall, a big polar bear offering you refreshments, now you don't see that every day, lol.


  1. Just realised that you are from my neck of the woods! I was born in Walsall!!

  2. Great pics, Shaz, that looks like some climb up those steps! We`ve got a German Market in Edinburgh but haven`t been able to get there yet because of snow! Maybe next week? Dying to see what you`ve been making for Xmas. x

  3. Love your new look blog. There are Christmas markets here nearer Christmas but nothing as spectacula. You have some enviable days out, I enjoy reading about them'


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