Sunday, 23 October 2011

Strange Weather this Autumn

"What have I done now? Not me, totally innocent me! Nothing to do with me." And this time Billyboy's right, the weather is just plain freaky.

Rosehips are to be expected but what's that in the background?

A delightful rose, with more buds forming! By now flowering should be over and the roses losing their leaves

but they are putting on new shoots and growth where I tidied them up a couple of weeks ago.

My cosmos are still flowering their hearts out as well.

Mary of Tin Can Tart fame was also commenting on this strange weather on her blog. It's been warm again in the sun today, warm enough to sit out and read but it's beginning to turn I think. I had to have the heating on for the first time last week, we are on the way to how it should be I think. I'm hoping to get to the local Botanical Gardens this week and see the leaves turning.

I decided to update my blog look for the autumn and found this lovely background and header on Shabby blogs - see link in the top left. Still floral and birdy but more autumnal colours I thought. Just wish I knew how to use Photoshop properly as it took me over an hour to resize and write on the header - but I got there in the end :-)

Enjoy your autumn, whatever the weather!


  1. Thank you for mentioning me Sharon,and you are right it is just plain weird. By the way I like the new background.

  2. What a beautiful boy! We are experiencing warm days here in western Canada with damp cool mornings - a typical fall with less rain so far than usual. Great background...

  3. really like your new blog background. Its funny weather but I can hear gales blowing and heavy rain outside now probably blowing over from was so nice tidying up the garden today too.

  4. Hi....we have similar goings-on in our garden! Today I noticed some clematis montana flowers on the arch, a lobelia plant in full flower (don't know where it came from!) and my hostas are having another go at flowering (despite the brown leaves :-/ ) So bizarre!
    Love Billyboy's pensive look.....

  5. What a gorgeous kitty! We have a short haired black & white cat, named BW...for black & white : )
    Our roses are still blooming, too. It has been the longest season for roses that I can recall.
    BTW, I love your blog!


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