Sunday, 9 October 2011

ATCs galore

I made a variation on my previous Tudor Diva, basically because I'd tidied away the red crushed velvet that I used on the background of the last ones and couldn't find it again. Let that be a lesson to me - never tidy up, lol.

Then as I'm making wedding invitations I came up with these simple ATCs that could be used as card toppers as well.


  1. These are lovely Sharon and I often use Atcs as card toppers they seem to made for the job.

  2. Never tidy up is a good lesson :)
    I love ATC's and these are great!
    The wedding themed atc's would make great favors :)

  3. Your ATCs are so pretty. I'm always tidying up and putting things away and then can never find what I am looking for. Guess it would help if everything was in one place instead of every room, drawer, cupboard, basket, corner of the house. :/ Happy day to you. Thanks to stopping by, Tammy

  4. These cards are beautiful. Love especially the firt one!


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