Thursday, 21 October 2010

I'm a Winner

I've been drawn out of the proverbial hat as follower of the week over on Susie's blog Gathering Up Bits of the World. I'm thrilled to have won the above quiltie, I've never won any draws before. I've long admired Susie's work, she makes the most delightful journals and has a blog that is well worth a visit so do pop over and say hi.

Just thought you should know that Mickey and Bill take their Neighbourhood Watch duties very seriously, lol.


  1. Love that you won the drawing & what a lovely quiltie!
    Absolutely adore the pic of Mickey & Bill! That windowseat is calling me! :)
    I've been gone awhile, but it's so nice to be back and check at your beautiful blog! I've missed it.

  2. That`s a pretty quiltie - well done on winning it Shaz, you deserve it. Those cats are just too cute! and I love your windowseat too! xx

  3. Oh Mickey and cute are you? xxxx

  4. Isn't it lovely to win goodies! Mickey and Bill are quite serious about their overseeing duties.


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