Friday, 3 September 2010

Calendar Page

Started a new fun activity, (oh no not another one, lol) doing calendar journal pages. I saw this first on The Kathryn Wheel and thought it looked like fun and resolved to join in if they decided to do it again next year but then Kate encouraged me to start anytime, quite right, why do we always have to start things in January. So here is my first page - September. I actually wanted to be working on some Marie Antoinette ATCs for Roses on the Table but as it was the end of August I had to do this so I just took that theme and had fun with it. Knew some of the wallpaper samples I always get on the visits to the diy superstore would come in handy one day, lol. If you are interested in seeing more pages then there is a Flickr group as well :)


  1. Your calendar page is beautiful. I love making them. Thanks for sharing yours!

  2. I love this Sharon! Thanks for posting the flickr group, I've seen these on flickr before but didn't know there was a group.

    Thank you very much for the comforting words as well - I know I'll be right as rain soon. :) Stacy

  3. Sharon, every thing you turn your hand to is amazing. I know whenever I look at your blog I shall see something both interesting and beautiful

  4. What pretty calendar pages, who would ever buy a store bought after seeing these! Beaufifully done!
    Love both those dolls in your last post too.I don't think were ever to old to play with dolls!
    hugs Lynn

  5. Really very pretty ,I love it!
    September is a very appropriate month to start new projects,I always do it so it's a good moment for start a calendar too

  6. This calendar page is gorgeous. You have done a great job!


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