Sunday, 1 August 2010

Day Trip to Oxford

Myself and some friends had a day out in Oxford on Friday, the aim was to visit the Pitt Rivers Museum which I came across in some literature I was researching for my dissertation some years ago. It's a collection of objects, all jostling for space in crammed cases, a veritable visual feast. Needless to say I took copious photos and have so many creative ideas I could live a hundred lifetimes and still not explore them all. I would have loved to take this buddha home with me.
Next we went on the Ashmolean Museum, via the Natural History Museum - worth a mention but not really my thing. The Ashmolean would have blown my socks off if I had been wearing them. I was close to tears of joy at turns, the sheer variety of works that I just didn't expect. I absolutely adore minoan pottery, the shapes, the decoration. What I wouldn't give to go back in time and chat around the kiln with some of those potters. My degree was in Ceramics and it just brought it flooding back.
The surprise of the day was the room of Italian art which for me was the highlight. I don't know much about it but I know what I like and I adored this piece by Bicci de Lorenzo, notice the fleeing mermaid, symbolising evil, (poor mermaids) as St Nicolas saves the ship.

These railings just stopped me in my tracks, I just love, love, love the colours and textures.

And finally sound advice, but unfortunately to shop was closed but I'll remember it for next time :)


  1. Great, Great , Great Pictures!!!!! I love the railing too, Love the shapeand size of that minion pot, waht a great trip thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Sharon. What a lovely day out! Sounds like heaven! I love it all, especially those railings. I'm reading 'Her Fearful Symmetry@ at the mo...a lot of it is set in Highgate Cemetetery. I've never been, but I imagine it to be filled with railings like that! So atmospheric! And more mermaids! They are running through my poor mind at the mo. Amanda xxx

  3. Great post Sharon! I have to Google de Lorenzo! Love the painting & I REALLY love the railings that are look so full of history.
    p.s. Hope you've gotten some great Postcrossing cards. I have nearly 300 now & it's been wonderful "meeting" so many new people and traveling the world through cards.
    Let me know if you ever want to do a "private" swap. :)

  4. Sounds as you had a great day out in the city of dreaming spires. As a child my parents took us to the Pitt Rivers Museum and I was amazed by the mummies. It has an incredible collection. Are the railings by the Martyrs memorial?

  5. Glad you enjoyed your trip to the Oxford museums. I live 12 miles away and have lived here for 11 years and so far have only visited the Ashmolean once!!

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.


    PS Love the railings!

  6. All very interesting......I'm keen to visit the Ashmolean; I hear they have some pre-Raphaelite paintings?
    Those railings are amazing!!

    Loved your visit today, thank you :-)

  7. Sharon, I must admit . . . . I share your love of patina and peeling paint!!! Fabulous railing!!! Thank you so much for your blog visit and your sweet comments! Good luck in my giveaway!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  8. HI Sharon . good to read your comment The friendship dolls as they are called are an easy way to start. You can type in the name Jill Maas and find a free download pattern for the doll. I admit to doing some gluing as well as sewing of the bits and pieces on mine this time , partly because I was in a hurry.

  9. I wish we had museums like this around here. What eye candy! All we have is a little museum with Indian artifacts and a small art museum.
    Love the railings and the pottery!

    Thanks for entering my little giveaway and best of luck!

  10. Hi there...great to visit again and see what you've been doing. Loving the railings...I'm interested to see how you'll use them in your work!

  11. What a fun visit!!! Great photos! :)


  12. This seems like a lovely trip out and about. It's been a while since I've been to the nearest one (an hour away). I think it's time to plan a jaunt up there.

  13. Sounds like a fabulous trip, and some places that I need to visit - especially the pie shop :). The Buddha is fantastic, better not tell my youngest though lol


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