Sunday, 25 July 2010

International Journal Swap - Mythology #1

I've finally gotten around to starting on the journal from Helen on the theme of Mythology. I've been thinking, deliberating and procrastinating for a couple of weeks now. One of the themes I was mentally kicking around was mermaids and when Helen said that she liked mermaids my decision was made. I started by making a background collage of sea themed papers, atlas pages, vintage sailing book, a song about the sea, and a vintage travel book about the Tropic of Capricorn.

I then used watersoluble crayons and gesso, together with acrylics, stamps, stencilling to add interest to the background. I've just started painting the mermaid and have a ways to go yet. I'm so glad to be off the starting blocks. It is so seemingly difficult working in someone else's journal, will I make a complete mess of it and ruin it, etc. But once I was working I suddenly realised that I was not thinking about what I might do, but about what I was doing. So the moral of the story is to just get going, doing something I'm familar with - collaged backgrounds and let the rest flow.


  1. Shaz,that is so beautiful! You`re so lucky to be so talented in such a medium. I can`t even draw a tree! I`m sure Helen will be absolutely thrilled when she sees it - how could she not be? I`m the Queen of Procrastination at the moment - and it`s brilliant! Take Care x

  2. And what a great job you're doing! Love the color of the pages & the mermaid looks like she is indeed under water!
    I do know what you mean about someone else's journal...I always worry that my work just isn't up to par, and I've let someone else down.
    However, you have the right attitude & it shows in your lovely work!
    p.s. Have fun with Postcrossing! I've loved it!

  3. Shaz, i must say that up till now, i've yet to do 'mermaid', coz i couldnt bear to draw girls half naked i guess! heee...;D
    I like the effect of using wcc together with gesso, and i love it specially what you did here for the underwater colours. your mermaid's awesome with her hair 'flowing'.
    its really fun to do Journal Swap.
    have fun creating and Take care;)
    July (itsaworkofart)
    i'm sure Helen's gonna like your painting!

  4. WOW Shaz, it's so beautiful already, you're so flowing in the right direction. :-)
    I'm glad to read that I'm not the only one that is procrastinating because of working in someone elses journal. But it is on the table now and I will folow your example and just go and enjoy it. Thanks for sharing.

    Love, Toos

  5. Ah yes, I agree. It's very hard to actually start a journal page. Looks like this is going to be a great page though. I have one to do in someone else's journal and so far I'm doing a great job of avoiding it!
    By the way, you asked about A4 Moleskines - I got mine here:

  6. I love this kind of work, so interesting to see where you began and the layers you added to the pages, gorgeous colours, although I am a little biased towards blues and greens! fab! Margaret


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