Thursday, 11 February 2010

Mosaic Splashback

Spent most of the day having a smashing time, literally. Finally got round to making a mosaic splashback for my bathroom sink. Been collecting old floral plates for a while, borrowed the clippers from a friend and got cracking, (sorry, couldn't resist it, lol).

Today is the easy day, the grouting will be challenging as the plates are all slightly different thicknesses. But I think it will be worth it when it's done.


  1. This is gorgeous! I think it will look so good as a backsplash.


  2. HI, I LOVE your mosaic back-splash! Be sure to post another picture when its done as I would love to see it. I am also new to the blog world. Love what you have done with your background.
    I am going to try and add a link to your blog.
    Cheers, cindykay

  3. This is so beautiful. I am in love with that pattern and those colors.I can't wait to see the finished splashback . It's going to be awesome, I can already tell.

  4. Good gracious alive, this is gorgeous! Well done! Please be sure to post a photo after the installation. name is Terri Smith. I'm a visual artist out of Bonaire, Ga. Found you by way of Cindy over at Nostalgia Gal. Pop over and visit sometime at my place:

  5. You have done an absolutely fantastic job on this.....I'd love to see it completed!
    Thank you for your kind comment about my digicollage.
    Linda x
    PS Looks like we're both Midlands girls?

  6. Beautiful I want to see a finished picture. Love the roses!


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