Friday, 29 January 2010

Reminders of Memories

Today has been a day when I've really noticed reminders of memories. I saw a set of stickers in a newsagents window and was reminded how I just loved to collect stickers when I was growing up although it escapes me now as to the subject of the sticker collection.

Then having my lunch I was reminded of the awful Gearys bread we used to have when I was a child. Even if you bought on the first day in the grocers it still had a stale texture and always, but always had a burnt crust, yuk. I hasten to add that that bread was the total opposite of today's bread, which was beautifully soft and so a comparison was made.

Other memories were evoked today but now I sit down to type they have drifted away like smoke on a breeze. Oh to always have my sketchbook at the ready. But regardless of the elusiveness of the memories I feel good that I was noticing the connections today, listening, paying attention.

The day started with me getting excited over finding a large nail on the pavement on my way in to work. Normally I wouldn't get excited by finding a large nail on the pavement but I'm having some friends over for an art day next weekend and I've set them an art scavenger hunt (taking my cue from Sarah Whitmire over at and one of the items needs to be something you've found on a walk. Ya! Got mine!

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