Saturday, 23 January 2010

The Other Cats or the Old Boys/Girl

I think it's only fair that I put up piccys of the other cats (studio assistants) in my life beings as little Bill has had a starring role on my blog so far.

So, sorry if you are are a felineaphobe (is that a word), just look away now.....

Above is Micky aka Bulldozer. He's the head of the household at 13 years old and the biggest cat I have ever seen, but a complete softy. He earnt the name Bulldozer because even if I lock the cat flap he is strong enough to just bulldoze his way straight through it. His favourite occupation is sleeping, followed by sleeping and pestering me until he gets the food he wants, particularly tuna.
Then there's Anya, the only girl in the pride. But she only got in because she was given to me as a boy and she was such a fluff ball as a kitten that it wasn't until I got to the vet and he said "Mmm, Maximus, strange name for a girl" that the truth came out. She's very opinionated and not backwards at letting you know it. She's eight and the only one who isn't a rescue cat. She can be a sweetie when she wants but tends to be aloof and watch the antics of the others. She is the one 'nominated' to get me up in a morning if I'm tardy with breakfast. One or two rasping licks on my face is enough, she's not subtle about it!

Merlin is now the middle cat, at 3 years old. He was in the rescue centre due to the credit crunch. A thinker, an eater and prancer extraordinaire. He holds his tail like a husky (must get a good piccy of it), most unusually. Likes nothing more than a still lap (and I mean still) to sit on and snooze. Normally found sitting in the garden picking up slugs on his furry belly, yuk!

Archie was found as a stray on my street and I still can't believe someone didn't come after him. A very, very friendly laid back cat, loves visiting all the old ladies in the area, so much so that a friend has nicknamed him the Community Cat. Apparently they love him and he has company when I'm at work. He is a very sweet boy, chilled out and big mates with Bill, being only 18 months old himself, he has the energy for the play fights, mauling and general mayhem that results.

I wouldn't be without any of them!

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