Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Poppies are no more

 Thank you so much to the lovely ladies who responded to my last post.  It's good to know that I'm not the only one who suffers bloggers block.  Very big thanks for your support and encouragement to continue blogging so off we go.....
 My poppies came out on Tuesday, I photographed them on Wednesday as heavy rain was due on Thursday

 and today check and yup, they are no more, battered down and petal-less from the rain.  But they were glorious whilst they lasted. 


  1. I nicked one from the work's garden (out of sight of the big,burly gardener who is very territorial about his plants!). By the time I got it home, it was a grim sight!Serves me right! They are beautiful, though, when left alone in situ! Great to 'see' you, Shaz. Will write soon. x

  2. Poppies are so delicate. Yours is such a beautiful shade of pink. I cannot seem to get them started here at the new place. Aren't you glad you took pictures!

  3. What a beautiful shade of pink. Have only seen the orange our way. And their beauty is short lived this year. Thanks for sharing their loveliness.

  4. I think that part of their beauty is their fragility.
    Glorious x


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