Thursday, 2 August 2012

Journals and Collages

 I've been making fabric journals for my first craft fair in a couple of weeks and loving every minute of it.

 Lots of lovely lace, torn edges and tea dying :)

 Building up the layers of interest

 I had a quick wander around a local car boot at the weekend and came across these lovely aged books which will find their way into my art work at some point I'm sure.

Working on simple fabric collages to top lavender bags, think I have a vintage pets theme going on, lol.


  1. Hi Sharon! I love your fabric journals, ooh all those torn edges and tea dyeing, thats what I love to do too! xx

  2. Hope you do well at the craft fair.The journals look lovely,I'd certainly buy one.

  3. Hi Sharon, I just love the journals that you have created. I dont know how you can bear to part with them lol I would find it very hard. Do you have any photos of the pages you created for the inside I would love to see some.

    I hope the fair goes brilliantly for you.

    Love and hugs Helen x

  4. I guess I have missed some posts. I do adore your journals. You will sell them out for sure. They really are quite unusual and beautiful. Wish I could visit the craft show; I'd be first in line.

  5. Gorgeous pieces...all of them. Good luck with the craft fair; hope its a successful day for you. xxx

  6. gorgeous fabric journal, so beautiful and lovely dont no what else to say..WISH IT WAS lol have a great day

  7. Hi Sharon
    What a beautiful fabric journal you have created from what I can see. That is such an amazing cover of
    Rosetti's "Proserpine" on the cover. I really love the pre-raphaelite artwork - the women, the paintings and the amazing gowns they wore.
    Lovely to visit here again!


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