Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas One and All

Just found out that Billyboy is the Whiskas Cat of the Week on Facebook. This was his winning photo, him enjoying his cat activity centre, that is, the Christmas Tree. He leaps up into the branches and plays with the baubles. He loves it and it's hard to be mad at him.

I've got the tree wedged into the corner so it can't fall down. Sometimes he can resist and just sleep on his little indian chair. He's such a cutie. To think that two years ago he was found as a little 6 month old stray, living on the streets. He has blossomed into a wonderful cat, full of life and vigour, well known in the neighbourhood, making friends with people and making them smile.

December has been such a busy month, lots of crafting and making, that I haven't shared the Secret Santa ornaments I received in a swap on Milliande. I had this lovely parcel from someone in the US, a sweet Mary and Jesus ornament, in a couple of cigar boxes, together with a vintage glass ornament and ephemera.

The glass bauble obviously can't go on the tree because of Billy but this handmade paper and fabric ornament is high on the tree, out of his way.

I also received this gorgeous vintage style photo frame from Stephanie in Belgium. It is painted with a wonderful crackle effect with gorgeous angels and sequins. I love it. Both ornaments will be coming out year on year.

It's Christmas Eve, all I have to do is finish one pressie (secret, can't reveal it here yet) wrap it, decide which movie to watch tonight and chill out! At last!

To all my friends, have a Wonderful Christmas and a Peaceful, Creative and Healthy New Year!


  1. Aww, gorgeous BillyBoy photo! He's my favourite puss pin up. Seconded only by the Wiskas silver tabby. Hopefully in the new year we'll get a new kitty. Still not got over 'Mark' going missing. Have a lovely Christmas, lady! xx

  2. I keep looking at this gorgeous photo of Billy Boy ....I'm not at all surprised that he's been chosen by Whiskers. There's something so lovely about the expression on his face! Merry Christmas chicken. Much love, xxxx

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas Sharon and that is a stunning photo ....xx

  4. I wish you a very Hapy New Year


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