Sunday, 13 November 2011

Trip to London Cemeteries Part Two - Brompton Road

After Kensal Green cemetery it was just a short tube journey to alight at West Brompton to go to Brompton Road cemetery. The atmosphere was just so different. Still an overcast, dull, damp day but the cemetery was still a peaceful, inviting space.

I have never seen so many squirrels, racing about, playing and coming up to us, looking for food. Next time I'll take some peanuts although they already looked well fed.

Loved these lions heads on the memorial to the Chelsea pensioners.

This sweet little angel is suffering a bit of subsidence, leaning over.

This tomb for Frederick Leyland, was designed by Edward Burne-Jones, one of my favourite pre-raphelite artists.

If any gardeners out there can shed light on what sort of tree this is I would be grateful as it is just magnificent with it's fruit, a natural christmas decoration. I'd love one in my garden.

I just love this door, with it's scroll work and the patina of time.

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  1. These photos are amazing! I love to take pictures in cemeteries and these are exceptional. The angels are my favorite subject. I have one taken in a cemetery of an angel that is cradling a bird's nest in her hands. The birds must have felt it was a comforting spot. That same day, we found a bird's nest on my husband's parents tombstone. Their tombstone has two birds engraved on it : )
    Hope you are having a good Sunday.

  2. Isn't the statuary grand. I doubt today that very many can afford such beautiful monuments.

  3. I really like that door! It's too bad the day was so grey...I would have liked to see more detail on the statues. Still, I've enjoyed the cemetery posts.

  4. Your pictures are so wonderful! The angels make me feel at ease.

  5. Your pics are so beautiful, thank you so much for posting them! xo

  6. Something very peaceful about these pics Shaz but is that a doorbell on the patina door?Not sure you`d get an answer if you rang it!lol


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