Monday, 3 May 2010

May Day Progress

I've made alot of progress in the studio today under the watchful eye of Archie my self appointed studio assistant. It has been a case of planning and waiting for things to dry, of trying out my new glue gun and experimenting with embossing for the first time.

I've worked on a series of ATCs, a new set of bookmarks and made some more progress on my dress shapes.

I've drunk tea when friends popped over, discussed art, had a look on the internet at Lord Leighton's house in Kensington, I'm so excited to be going there in a few weeks and generally totally enjoyed my bank holiday.

On the weather front it has been a typical bank holiday - the sun has shone, the wind has blown, the heavens have opened and we have had hailstones!


  1. This picture is way too cute!!

  2. Great picture!
    It sounds like you have been living the beautiful life. :)


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